Nina Otter


I am a research mathematician, but I have been painting since before I can remember. A year ago (in 2017) I decided to be as serious about art as I am about mathematics, and so I applied to the Warehouse Art School, a continuing practice course, at OVADA. This past year at OVADA has been life-changing in more ways that I could, or would want to, write about here. While I have been experimenting with media and new ways of making work, a common theme that has been gradually emerging is the use of my own body, as well as my need to understand where I stand as a person and as an artist, to try to unify the seemingly different personalities and lives that I live. This has brought me to explore concepts such as the subconscious, the alter ego, our myths and beliefs, and more generally to engage with the zeitgeist of our times. In a certain sense I still consider myself to be a painter, only I am no longer using a brush, but sugar and syrup, my body, video or photography, whichever medium best can convey the idea or concept that I am working on. 


This is my mathematical alter ego.




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